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12/06/2018 09:15:38 admin

Q&A with Seema Prabhu - #InternationalWomen'sDay

Here's a Q&A with Seema - who's had a massive impact on the company since joining. As it's international women's day we wanted to get her perspective on technology...

Could you tell me a bit about your career so far?  

I have a degree in Chemical Engineering and have always worked in technology. Getting a role in Chemical Engineering, particularly as a woman, was very difficult. It was especially hard as the work largely involved working in shifts and in factories. Therefore, the roles that were initially offered to me naturally tended to be computer based desk jobs. This eventually led to a career which was mostly IT based.


What is your role here at Simplifydigital?

I joined SD as a QA Lead a few months back. The last few months here have been amazing, getting to work on the latest technology. As a QA lead managing a small team, I have the opportunity to build the QA team, set up the technical and organisational strategy for all QA activities, and bridge the gap between the business and the technology. The best part of working at SD is that my role involves having responsibility, defining strategy and working alongside some of the brightest minds in technology. Simplyifydigital offers me a chance to explore new territories in technology and work in a learning-rich environment.


What is it like to work in Technology as a woman? 

Being a female in a tech company is an incredible experience. It gives women the chance to be heard, to be independent, to have an opinion and make a difference. Yes - the tech industry has a diversity problem, but this is changing. Technology is no longer just a man’s world and I believe we don’t need to be aggressive to make a mark. I was lucky every step of the way as I had people supporting and encouraging me and I believe this is key to changing the current state of women in tech. Ultimately, we all need to support, believe and most importantly, respect each other.


What are the biggest struggles you have as a working woman?

Being a career woman is all about balancing the roles of wife, woman, mother and professional. I have two children and it has always been a struggle to be a “good” parent, attend all the school activities, and be a part of their growth. I have to use some parenting hacks to manage being a career woman and a mother, but it’s never perfect. You have to co-opt a lot of people to help you, including friends and families. In order to make it work, I try all kinds of coping mechanisms and plan our lives meticulously.


Do you have a good work life balance in your current role?

Simplifydigital supports employees in their pursuit of a work-life balance through a very good work culture and time flexibility where possible. People at SD work hard, but the work load is spread evenly so that energy is sustained and any burn out is avoided.  However, it’s not all work and no play.  Fun activities such as bowling and games nights are organised regularly. Team building activities, regular team lunches, Lunch and learn sessions and innovation are also encouraged.


Do you have any advice for young women pursuing a career in tech?

Working in the technology industry is awesome. You get to go build things every day, the pay is generous and it tends to be relatively flexible. Technology exists for men and women, and so does IT employment. Clearly there is nothing preventing women from being great at technology. 

If you are passionate about science and respectful of diverse opinions and thoughts, then enrol yourself onto STEM courses. Look out for both male and female role models so you will never consider gender as a negative attribute. Women have done amazing things in tech and it is no longer a myth that we can achieve anything we set our minds to in this arena.

All that being said, we’re hiring. It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female - we only care if you’re a self-driven rock star. If that’s who you are, we would love to chat because we’re growing like crazy.