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12/06/2018 09:15:48 admin

Our first Aveiro tech talk

Yesterday we held our first in a series of tech talks in Aveiro. It took under a month to take an idea between our recruitment manager and head of people and turn it into a reality.

And what a great turnout!

Our very own Ricardo Peres presented a surprising talk on how much of an open-source advocate Microsoft has become. Remember when they said Linux was like a cancer?

Pedro Marques then followed up with a talk and live demo of CAKE. You can find his presentation slides live here.

With over 40 people at the Fusion 2.0 offices, we definitely hope to see the numbers grow over time. We'll be inviting people to suggest topics they might like to see covered (Machine Learning? Javascript Technologies? AI?) so if you're reading this and happen to be local to Aveiro - why don't you message us to volunteer?

We hope to see you at the next one in April.